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Go Small or Go Home!

My little painted rabbit was one of the first stone pendants I made.

It was small and simple, and actually, I still keep it with me, in memory of my little rabbit Lucy.

I started to paint little cats and little dogs, and they soon took over the skies as little angels.

Now I’m offering custom painted pet pendants.

I can’t wait to create more!

Even the grumpy ones.

The Sunrise


The rain is coming down and the skies are dark with clouds. The tree above seems to fall apart like the sky. This painting, though visually different, is actually very similar to The Balloon. Life is harsh now, and you may have lost hope, but times do change, and the sun will rise again to fill the sky with warmth once more.

Half of this painting is dark and dreary. The tree appears to be dying but the other side is beautiful and strong. The painting gradually moves into warmer, brighter colours where the glorious sun rises up. Look forward to that sun because tomorrow is another day!


The Balloon


“The Balloon” represents a time when you might feel a little hopeless. Everything around you seems to be crashing down and you are trapped. Trapped and tired. So very tired.

But close your eyes and listen. Listen to that breeze blowing all around you. Feel it surround you. And breathe.

And when you are ready, open those eyes and take a look around you. Look all around, because a glimmer of hope may just be a little closer than you think, if only you would open those eyes.

Project 365: Day 86-88: Daily Deviation and More Bunnies

Day 86 - Daily Deviation!

I noticed I was getting more views than normal coming in from deviantART and found out that one of my pendants had made it as a Daily Deviation! My autumn swing pendant got to be featured on their site, and the views on my DA gallery poured in all day. I was on Cloud 9! Bonus too was that the pendant finally sold earlier this month. (:

Day 87 - Moon Tarot work in progress

Day 88 - Let Go work in progress

Here are a few more work in progress shots of the Moon Tarot and the Dissociation painting. The Moon Tarot was pretty close to being done at this point, minus a few sparkly stars in the sky and a few other details. The “Let Go” painting was in the beginning stages. I don’t know why I choose to draw everything and then paint the background around the characters.. rather than the easier way of painting the entire background first, and then draw the characters on top. The brain works in weird ways.

A Better Rainbow of Crazy. Plus Letting Go: White Rabbit Painting

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where I wanted to go with my Etsy shop for a few weeks now. I wasn’t really satisfied with what was there and it wasn’t really me. I mean, yeah, the love for cute, colourful animals is a part of me but I’ve felt like I could always do so much more than that.

Under the Skin

I’ve learned that I’ve really wanted to put more of myself into my paintings and into the shop. I guess you could say that I want to bring a bit more “crazy” into Rainbow of Crazy. I’ve gone through a lot emotionally over the last several years and struggled through a lot of physical pain with my fibromyalgia, the brain fogs and the mental ups and downs. I want to bring some of that into my paintings.

A little while ago, Shawn had brought up a great point that I didn’t really think about before: over the past few months, I would talk to him about how I didn’t really know what to paint and how I’d be stuck for ideas, but back when I first started to paint, I created imagery like this painting that dealt with my fibromyalgia, and he said that I never had to tell him about the paintings.. I would just paint them. I didn’t have to hesitate, I didn’t struggle with it. I simply painted what I knew.

I want to explore this emotional side more and see what comes out. I really do want to look at my shop, at a portfolio that I created and be like, “you know what? I’m really proud of everything there. Because it’s totally me.

Let Go

This painting is a glimpse of that “crazy” of Rainbow of Crazy. One of the things people with fibromyalgia talk about is something called “fibro fog”, where your brain just feels really foggy or fuzzy. Though not exactly like that, something that can be a little similar is the feeling of being  disconnected. Quite a while ago, I had read about Dissociation and specifically Depersonalization disorder, and it’s this feeling of detachment from your surroundings, or even from your physical body. Ever feel like you’re in a movie? Floating around aimlessly? Where mentally, your brain actually feels like it’s miles away from your body, like you can see yourself from above. I can’t actually say that I truly have this disorder, but I’ve felt this way before. It was one of the strangest feelings ever, and this painting is kind of my way of touching on that subject and that feeling of just.. floating.

The Moon Tarot Card Art.. Finally, a Bunny!

Every since the last tarot card was painted, I had The Moon tarot on my mind for a long time. My boyfriend helped me with a lot of ideas for this one. The Moon tarot is all about illusions, dreams, madness – and imagination. The rabbit was easily the animal of choice for The Moon as the rabbit has been linked to the moon in a lot of cultures – and about time I used a rabbit! I am the girl obsessed with bunnies, and oddly enough, I really haven’t painted many bunnies in general so far. I think this needs to be changed immediately.

The moon tarot has so many different elements so it was a challenge to try to incorporate some of them while not complicating the painting too much. This ended up being my first tarot painting where the animal is just a small part of the painting, and it’s funny because it didn’t hit me at first that this card would look a little different from the others. I guess my mind wanted to go in a different direction and thankfully I’m happy with this one (I mean, really. Bunnies. How could I not like it.)



The rabbit above is looking at the moon in the reflection. I think it’s fully aware that the moon below is not the same as above.. in fact, nothing above is reflected in the water. The rabbit below doesn’t follow the rabbit above, but looks away at a more magical view of the stars. The trees below became my two pillars, wrapping around the reflected moon. The moon can be your guiding light; which direction do you take? Stay above or dive into the unknown?




This painting is in honour of my bunny Lucy. Miss you, fuzzy butt.

The Moon Tarot: A Work in Progress (Bunnies!)

I started working on the Moon Tarot; I can’t wait to get this one finished. There’ll be soo many little things that I’ll get to cram into this little painting. I have no idea how people work on such a large scale! These guys measure a teeny 5″ by 7″. One of my goals is to ‘graduate’ to larger sized paintings… someday.

I am such a huge rabbit lover; so I have to make this one awesome. This is for all my little bunnies that have crossed that rainbow bridge. I love and miss your furry little (and big) butts.

Where’s Waldo? Here!! / A Halloween Walkthrough


Waldo! I found Waldo! Do you see? Right there, behind the Garfield pillows!!

..oh wait, that’s just me.

I love love love Halloween! When I was younger, I didn’t really do much as a costume. I stuck a crown on my head one year and er, I think that was the entire costume. But really, was there a point when you were just going to wear a giant coat over everything? All we really wanted was the candy anyway. But Halloween has gotten more interesting the last few years. I’ve had a few different costumes over the more recent years that I actually put some effort into..

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